Man UP

In an ever- changing world with rapidly evolving gender dynamics, technological advances and social advances, men seem to have lost sight of what made them men in the first place! So what does it mean to be a man in today’s world? Is holding open a door for a woman a mark of chivalry or a sign of sexism? Is making a move on a woman at the bar a sign of classic male aggression, or is not making it a sign of weakness? Confusion abounds, and men find themselves entirely stumped! Into this minefield of confusion and ignorance, emerges a messianic figure for men everywhere. Randeep Hooda, the very epitome of masculinity on screen, brings his trademark charisma and sharp tongue to the fore as he lays out essential guidelines for men everywhere! From the code of conduct for a man on the first date, to how to escape the dreaded ‘Friendzone’, Randeep lays out a veritable master class in how to ‘Man Up’.