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Super Minute 2

Super Minute Season 2 is a reality game show The show is an adaptation of Minute to Win It but with a twist in it.
The game has a Head v/s Head format where two participants play against each other performing a minute’s challenge using household objects that are commonly available. Completion of one challenge helps them move to the next level. A participant is supposed to complete a game within one minute to be advanced to the next stage. As the participants progress so do the levels get more challenging. If the contestant is not able to complete the challenge within the 60 seconds or cannot fulfill the conditions of the game the contestant loses one life. Every participant has three lives at the beginning of the game.
In case the contestant loses all the lives the game ends and the winnings of the contestant drops to the previous milestone passed. The whole purpose of the game is to provide innovative and enriching content to the viewers.
Super Minute 2 incorporated the general public not just celebrities like in the 1st season to give the public a chance to be part of the show and give them a sense of belonging. It ensured that not only the famous are featured but people from all walks of life who can be part of the popular TV show popular in the kannada TV Channels.