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The Money Drop

The Money Drop Game Show was produced in four different Languages Bangla, Tamil, Telegu & Kannada.
“The Drop” – is a massive console with a glass chute attached to four trapped doors. Each door corresponds to an answer. At the start of the game, a pair of contestants are given bundles of real cash. Just eight questions stand in the way between them and their money. Once a question is revealed, the duo is given 60 seconds to debate and decide the answer(s) on which they will risk their money. Are they confident enough to place all of their money on one answer, or will the relentless pressure cause them to play it safe and spread their money across several answers? When time is up and they have allocated their cash, the team must step up to the drop to find out if their choices were right or wrong. Will they move on to the next question with their money still on the table, or will they lose it forever? As the game progresses, the questions get harder and the answers become fewer but after eight questions whatever cash – if any – is left on the table is theirs to keep.