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Yudh is a drama series.It narrates the story of Yudhishtir, a man many believe to be invincible and infallible. Yudhishtir is a very successful construction magnate, who has built his empire without compromising his moral integrity and principles, but that has created many bitter rivals eager to bring him down.
Yudhishtir’s first love and wife Gauri is a civil servant who shared Yudhishtir’s value system. Gauri is a woman of basic needs and is content with a simple life but Yudhishtir’s passion towards his work, long hours at office and his growing empire drifts them apart till they go for an amicable divorce. They have a daughter named Taruni, not many people in Yudh’s business know about her.
Yudhishtir then marries Nayantara, the daughter of an affluent politician, as part of a strategic business alliance. Yudhishtir and Nayantara have a functional marriage which lacks chemistry, but they have a son together named Rishi, also known as Rishi, whom he loves sincerely and unconditionally. Yudhishtir decides to venture into the mining business in order to pave the way for Rishi’s future, but life has other plans.
Yudhishtir is diagnosed with a debilitating life threatening disease in which he slowly starts losing control over his mind and body which leaves him with a few years to live.